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The handsome Agathe is 22 years old and has a curly mane. Originally from France, she lives in Berlin and doesn’t want to leave. The people are open and tolerant.

On camera, Agathe comes across as very suggestive as she pleasurably sprawls across the couch, wearing a short floral dress and playing with her hair the whole while... It may surprise some, but Agathe studied chemistry and physics – and she’s a real math whiz! This mademoiselle has already called many countries home: Spain, England, and even the United States. Still, Berlin is where she feels most at home, because there’s nowhere else where the people are more open, less uptight. At least, that’s Agathe’s personal opinion.

So far, she has gone through an array of different sex partners. She’s been able to widen her network in particular via online dating sites. But also at school or at work, she’s met lots of interesting people she’s grown fond of. When she’s not busy working or studying, she likes to take walks in the forest or to meditate. She also eats a lot, she admits. You’d never guess that, though – she maintains quite a fine figure.

Agathe is extraordinarily attractive in a sexual sense. At least, that’s what she often hears from others, she tells us. Perhaps it has something to do with her constantly twirling her hair? She doesn’t have any other explanation. Actually, though, she wants to have a steady relationship at some point. But for the moment, she’s happily learning about herself and her own body. And the men of the world are happy to help her with that...

What exactly has Agathe gotten to know about her body, considering she’s had so many sexual experiences? That’s exactly what we asked her, and she’s about to show us up close and personal!

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  • Zoe : What a gorgeous girl! She’s got some of the nicest tits I’ve seen, so firm, ripe and perky. (...)
  • Leah : Really enjoyed watching this big titted German get naked, spread her legs, open her pink hairy (...)
  • Lucy : Just popped a fresh one over this sexy gal!
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  • Leah : I wonder if she’s shown her boyfriends friends these pictures and videos so they can enjoy her (...)
  • Leah : So nice of this big titted German babe to get naked, spread her legs and give us a good look at (...)
  • Lucy : Anyone know where in Berlin I can get to see Lucy? That latex outfit is one the sexiest things (...)
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