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Anika K. (33) is a nurse, and she loves to be in the great outdoors. Sitting comfortably on the picnic blanket, you can do more than just enjoy the sunshine – you can have some really good sex! The less inhibited, the better...

Anika is a self-described “Ossi-Mädel”, a girl from East Germany. Some time ago, she moved to Berlin – and she’s getting married next week! She’s only been with her boyfriend for a relatively short time. Until the special day comes, she wants to tell us a few of her most intimate sex secrets. And boy, does she have some good ones... She’s really into sex with women, because she finds the female form and its curves way sexy. But she could only fall in love with a “real guy”. Her lover isn’t quite so open as she is in terms of sex. But who knows, maybe that will change. Anyway, Anika doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. On the contrary, because the two go at it several times a day. There’s almost no spot in her apartment where she hasn’t had sex.

Of course, she’s not limited to her home – she also loves having outdoor sex. Whether as a pair, threesome or foursome, whether in a field, in the stairwell or in the car… she’s always down for it – anything goes, as long as there’s no pain and no stink. Her favorite toy is a massage wand, which she affectionately refers to as “Bomber”. It vigorously brings her to orgasm every time. Whatever her boyfriend thinks is too much, is just right for Anika. She just takes whatever she needs. She’d bang her boyfriend till the early morning hours if need be... Do you want to know what Anika thinks of anal sex? Then you won’t want to miss the surprising confession of this nympho nurse...

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  • Fox : Butts on display!!
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  • Ania & Lisa M. : Pale skin, tight bum and a sexy slutty face. I’d pay good money for this girl!
  • Mai : wow, gorgeous 😚😘
  • Luna S : amazin 😚
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