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Annabelle is a born-and-bred American who’s seen half the world in her 32 years. With her long, red hair and sexy purple dress, she comes across as incredibly confident.

Is Annabelle really as self-confident as she acts on camera? Because we can’t help but notice that she sometimes nervously rubs her bare arms or plays with her hair. It’s actually quite cute, how shy she is in reality. Anyway, she’s way into classic movies, such as Monty Python. She also thinks Marilyn Monroe is amazing. Mainly because of the way she radiated self-confidence and wouldn’t let others dictate what she’d do on set.

This pretty US-American has also called Amsterdam and Australia home. She has a way of talking about her travels and the people she got to meet along the way. While we enjoy our chat with her, our camera lens always returns to her bare legs, perfectly accentuated by her miniskirt!

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