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Krissi (22) from Berlin wants to study finances after her apprenticeship. She strictly separates between work and private life: In the office with glasses and an updo;

Krissi is a student and absolutely and thoroughly adorable. On the one hand, she has a pretty demanding job as a stylist. On the other hand, she enjoys it the best when things are laid back and relaxed. Exercise it too much work.

Well, except for gogo-dancing. She could make an exception for that. As a matter of fact, the spunky blonde would love to try it out some time! We can already picture her in teeny tiny panties one a pole – niiiiiiiice.

The things that make her happiest in life is partying with her friend and spending lazy Sundays in bed with her cat Smokey. Morning blues? Not here!

And speaking of good moods: Krissi is currently a blissfully happy single. She’s had her fill of relationships for a while. Instead, she couldn’t be gladder to have the freedom to do whatever she wants.

Of course, that doesn’t mean her sex life is taking a hit. Quite on the contrary! She wouldn’t dream of remaining abstinent. She loves having one-night-stands after a night out of partying, and each time, she loves trying out new things.

It doesn’t always have to be doggy style or missionary position (although she must admit that is her favorite position. Whether with or without toys, almost everything is possible with Krissi.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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