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If you want to know what Leah from Hamburg is doing behind her bedroom door (other than studying informatics and feeding her cats) you are very welcome to enjoy her very Intimate Moment! We think you’ll enjoy it just as much as she clearly did!

Leah, from Hamburg, is the embodiment of the girl next door – a shy appearance, a very cute smile and a good sense of humour. But today, for the Ersties community, this German girl is happy to show another side to her personality as she shares with us a very Intimate Moment!

For a girl who studies informatics, reads at least 30 books a year and likes playing computer games, Leah’s sex life might come as a bit of a surprise. Having a big range of sex toys, she enjoys masturbating as she watches amateur porn. She also enjoys listening to audio porn to get in the mood, at least until she sees her boyfriend again!

As you can sense, we are very happy that the 27-year-old brunette decided to be part of our Ersties Intimate Moments series. Brace yourself for hard nipples, a hairy vagina and the cutest smile of them all!

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    The sight of this adorable young woman with her legs akimbo is enough to result in a white hot shower of satisfaction in any red blooded man!

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    What a cutie! Love this big titted German girl. Such juicy, ripe and perky tits on her. Nice to see her with her legs spread, feet in the air and her hairy pussy exposed and open for us to take a look at. Nice watching her slide a dildo up inside her tight little pussy too.

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    So nice of this big titted German babe to get naked, spread her legs and give us a good look at her hairy pussy as she fingers her juicy wet cunt and comes to an orgasm as we get to watch. Love those big firm tits of hers too, decent set of nipples.

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    I wonder if she’s shown her boyfriends friends these pictures and videos so they can enjoy her too. That would be pretty hot if her boyfriend friends came over and they all sit on the couch watching her get naked, spread her pussy and put a dildo up inside herself. I’m sure they’d enjoy the show :)

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    Really enjoyed watching this big titted German get naked, spread her legs, open her pink hairy pussy right up and give us a good look at her sweet, pink, wet insides before before she slides a dildo up it. Great to watch those big supple tits of hers jiggle around while she has a dildo up inside herself. Nice feet, toes and nipples on her too.

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