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Mai (21) is a blonde with Asian heritage. She lives in Berlin where she studies physiotherapy. She and her boyfriend are constantly trying out new things sexually, but of course their repertoire has certain “favorites” that they always come back to.

At first glance, Mai has a quite shy demeanor. But looks can be deceptive. She especially likes to be dominant when it comes to sex. But now and again she slips into the submissive role. What a surprise, then, that Mai enjoys roleplay. Especially when her boyfriend is wearing a uniform. That turns her on big time... Sometimes men need a little training in finding their bossy side. Mai loves to be told, “Be in the bedroom in five minutes. I’ll be waiting there for you.”

Yes indeed, she’s into sexy surprises. It would thrill her if her boyfriend came home from shopping and pulled out some lingerie and spurred some lovemaking. And when he can do all the talking with just his eyes and bodily squirms – then she just can’t stop herself! Of course, when she’s preparing for exams, she’s not in such an erotic mindset. But once that’s over with, her boyfriend better be careful that he can even stand up after having sex!

Is Mai into giving blowjobs? Definitely! She loves the look and feel of her lover’s penis – and they have plenty of fun with it together. And when it comes to anal sex, she never says no. But she and her boyfriend haven’t gathered so much experience in that regard. So far, he hasn’t properly managed him to establish a closer relationship with her butt. But they’re working on it, she tells us. What she likes so much about anal is that it allows both sides to be more open, to give more to each other. Somehow, it’s a much more special token of love, isn’t it?

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