Molly - Ersties

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Molly rolls around in delight on the leather couch. Her sweet hotpants amazingly accentuate her sexy legs, and she happily shares her thoughts on sex with us.

At age 27, our cute little student Molly has already seen quite a bit of the world. And she gladly shares with us a little bit about that. She loves traveling and connecting with friendly people. She’s always filled with anticipation for whatever adventure is coming next. Which, by the way, could be adventures of a very specific kind...

While we chat with her, she’s totally laid-back and relaxed. She even manages to exude sexiness when she grabs a glass of water. Chatting about travel is one thing; talking about sex is something else entirely… Molly tells us how she’s watched a lot of porn. What kind of porn gets her going? Blowjob scenes really turn her on, and she thinks SM vids are pretty hot – especially spanking porn. Does Molly also like getting her bottom spanked? Of course we had to ask her...

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