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Bright eyes, long hair, dark tanned skin, and then there’s the crazy smile: Tanja is a real looker. She loves traveling around the world and is always meeting new people. Of course that includes a lot of sexual adventures along the way

This pretty student is a globetrotter and enjoys the inspiration that comes with constantly seeing new places. She’s not just a tourist, though – while traveling, she’s usually on the job. Or jobs – she might take different ones, depending on what each country has to offer. Tanja has been living in the Netherlands for a long time, and she’s even been to the “end of the world”.

Since she encounters lots of interesting guys on her trips, her sex life is also very vibrant and exciting. Her boyfriend doesn’t mind. The two have a very open relationship. After all, you never know who might wander into the picture along the journey. Still, she does admit to being the one who’s more jealous in their relationship. Whenever she has sex with someone, she always tells her boyfriend when, where and with whom she’s meeting. Somehow that gives her a sense of security.

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